Odilo Globocnik - "Death Manager"

Odilo Lotario Globocnik (born 21.04.1904, died 31.05.1945) – an Austrian Nazi, high rank SS and NSDAP officer. A war criminal, one of the main organizers and executors of the extermination of Jews as part of the Reinhardt opetation.

From his school years, he was associated with nationalist and anti-Semitic organizations. In 1931, he joined the Austrian NSDAP, quickly being promoted to the position of deputy Gauleiter of Carinthia. In 1933–1937 he was detained six times, including on charges of treason and terrorism. He joined the SS, where he was soon appointed a Gauleiter of Vienna. In January 1939, he was dismissed because of ineptitude and suspicious financial machinations.

As an NCO of the SS, he took part in the September campaign. After its completion, Himmler appointed him commander of the SS and police in the Lublin District of the General Government. He was responsible for mass executions of Soviet prisoners of war. He was in favor of quickly transforming the district into a German settlement area. He co-authored a plan to murder Polish Jews in extermination camps, and then convinced Himmler to initiate it. He managed the "Reinhardt" action, which started in March 1942, during which about 1.8 million Jews from the General Government and the Bialystok District were killed in the death camps in Treblinka, Bełżec and Sobibór, as well as in mass executions. In addition, he initiated and managed the resettlement and pacification operation in the Zamość region in November 1942.

In September 1943, due to a conflict with the civil administration, he was dismissed from Lublin and transferred to the post of SS and police leader in the Operational Zone of the Adriatic Littoral. There, he was responsible for the extermination of local Jews and the fight against the Yugoslav and Italian partisans. On May 31, 1945, he was arrested by British soldiers in his mountain hideout near Paternion. The same day he committed suicide by consuming cyanide.

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Odilo Globocnik
Odilo Globocnik - Austrian Nazi
Odilo Globocnik book

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