Reinhard Heydrich - "Holocaust Architect"

Reinhard Heydrich (born March 7, 1904 in Halle, died June 4, 1942 in Prague) - Obergruppenführer SS, one of Adolf Hitler’s most trusted and ruthless people. Founder of SD (SS intelligence) and Einsatzgruppen.

Head of the Security Service in 1932–1939, Gestapo in 1934–1939, Reich Main Security Office in 1939–1942. Deputy Protector of Bohemia and Moravia. He also served as a fighter pilot in raids on occupied Poland. Before joining the SS, he was a naval officer, expelled as a result of a "social" affair. Chairman of the Wansee conference (January 20, 1942), during which the decision on the final solution of the Jewish question was made.

He died on June 4, 1942 as a result of injuries he suffered after an assassination attempt during Operation Anthropoid eight days earlier, on May 27. He was an SS officer of the highest rank and a man from Hitler's closest environment who was killed during the assassination.

Reinhard Heydrich was obsessed with hatred towards Jewish people. He was one of the most important people responsible for the Holocaust and the extermination of Jews and Slavs. The name Operation Reinhard / Action Reinhardt / Einsatz Reihhard comes from his name - it was the code name for the action of extermination of Jews from the General Government.

1000 people were arrested as part of the repression by the end of June 1942. After spreading false information that the assassins were hiding in Lidice, the families of two Czech officers of the former Czech army were murdered, while Hitler ordered Lidice to be razed to the ground. Nearly 200 men were shot, 198 women were taken to the Ravensbrück concentration camp, several children were considered suitable to be Germanized, and all the others were murdered. In addition, 33 people were shot in Ležáky because of a Czech radiotelegraphist hiding there and the fact that two hiding spots for Czech paratroopers were located in the area.

Personally, I recommend the following books to learn more about Reinhard Heydrich:

"Heydrich: The Pursuit of Total Power ", Günther Deschner

"Hitler's Hangman: The Life of Heydrich", Robert Gerwarth

In my opinion, the best biography is:

"Heydrich. The face of evil”, Mario R. Dederichs


Heydrich Reinhard


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