Book "Auschwitz Sub-Camps: Yesterday and Today"

"Auschwitz sub-camps: yesterday and today" - I am currently working on a book on the sub-camps of the former German Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz. Few people know that apart from the Auschwitz, there were 48 Auschwitz sub-camps (including Birkenau and Monowitz). It is planned to publish a traditional, paper version in the form of a book/photo album and an electronic version (Ebook), as well as an application in the APPLE APP Store and Google Play App Store. "Auschwitz sub-camps: yesterday and today" will be a collection of information containing descriptions, archival photos, maps and photos in the present state. The book will be published in Polish and English. Planned release date: spring 2021.

Książka Podobozy Auschwitz

podobózy Auschwitz
Auschwitz podobóz Monowice
Auschwitz podobóz Świętochłowice
Auschwitz podobóz Halemba
Auschwitz podobóz Świętochłowice
Auschwitz podobóz Sławęcice
Auschwitz podobóz Gleiwitz
Auschwitz podobóz  Sławęcie
Auschwitz podobóz Gleiwitz

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