Book "Auschwitz Sub-Camps: Yesterday and Today"

I decided to start working on the publication of "Auschwitz Sub-Camps: Yesterday and Today". I plan to publish a set of information in the PDF form containing descriptions, archival photos and current photos. There were 47 sub-camps, including a very large Monowitz camp, so it will take some time. I think that the project will have been completed by September / October. It is also planned to issue a traditional paper version in the form of a book/photo album, in Polish and English and mobile application  (Google App, Apple)

Książka Podobozy Auschwitz

podobózy Auschwitz
Auschwitz podobóz Monowice
Auschwitz podobóz Świętochłowice
Auschwitz podobóz Halemba
Auschwitz podobóz Świętochłowice
Auschwitz podobóz Sławęcice
Auschwitz podobóz Gleiwitz
Auschwitz podobóz  Sławęcie
Auschwitz podobóz Gleiwitz

I fund the project entirely by myself. If you wish to support me, please consider donating.

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